tax return information



  • prepare the on-line form by completing all fields and submit it to us
  • our qualified tax agents and residency experts will review your submission
  • we will contact you if we have any queries or need more information
  • we prepare a formal tax return and email you a copy and refund estimate
  • we will then lodge the return that night unless you have any amendments


  • The online fee is a flat $60 fee per tax return, payable on preparation
  • Other discounts may apply, eg for couple or student returns
  • payment is by credit card, or optional Pay from Refund $15
  • your card will be be charged within 24 hours of tax return preparation
  • all card and personal details are sent by secure link and encrypted


  • An application for a medicare levy exemption certificate, if required by non-residents, costs $20
  • If an International Money Transfer is required, the bank fee is $25 from your refund


  • refunds are paid by the ATO within 7-14 days
  • these can be deposited direct to any Australian bank account
  • if no bank account, then the ATO can mail your refund cheque directly
  • however a bank account is required if electing to Pay from Refund
  • a tax assessment notice will also be sent to your address



Name - enter full name: First name, middle name, surname

Tax File Number (TFN) - enter your 9 digit number supplied by the ATO

Date of Birth (DOB) - enter in the format dd/mm/yyyy

Telephone - both your Australian and Overseas number if applicable, including area codes

Tax Residency - Tick to advise the residency status you are claiming. if you are on a temperory visa, you need to tick to confirm you have read and submitted the residency declaration to us - refer residency info.

Your Australia address - we need your current or last Australian address

Your overseas address - optional



Enter this information from the PAYG Summary received from your employer. Space for 5 employers has been provided. If more employers, please submit another return with just your name in the personal details.

Occupation - this is a brief job description eg sales assistant, tour guide

Employer name - located on your PAYG Summary

Employer ABN - located on your PAYG Summary

Income - located on your PAYG Summary, the gross income paid

PAYG Tax - located on your PAYG Summary, the tax withheld from income

Other Income - This includes any other income received from investments or services provided eg bank interest, dividends, commission, etc. We will contact you if further information is needed.



These are expenses you incurred as a result of your work or income-earning. There are strict rules governing what can be claimed, and most require that you have kept a receipt. Some types allow you to do a reasonable estimate. Please tell us of all work related expense and we will determine what is allowable or contact you for further information.

Examples of deductions with receipts;

  • travel - between work places but not to/from home
  • equipment - used just for work purposes
  • clothing - only if a uniform or protective in nature

Examples of deductions you may estimate:

  • laundry - only if you have a uniform - up to $150 per year
  • motor vehicle - only when used between work destinations - provide us an estimate of the kilometres travelled, the registration and model of your car
  • telephone - if used for work - a fair percentage of your telephone bills

Other Deductions:

  • Fees paid during that year for tax returns
  • Costs relating to any investment income



These are additional government refunds for certain situations. A low income offset is automatically applied that does not need to be claimed here. Other offsets you should tell us about include;

  • you have a dependant spouse or children
  • you are over 55 years of age

Medicare Levy Exemption - this is important to claim if you are not entitled to Medicare benefits, otherwise you will be taxed an extra 1.5% if your income is over $20542. You will need to also send us a Medicare declaration.



Your bank details - this is provided to the ATO for direct payment of your refund

Nominate your payment preference;

1. Credit card details - payment will be processed upon preparation

2. Pay on Refund - payment will be deducted from your refund. Once selected, an Authority will appear for you to complete.


You will be responsible for the information in your tax return and there are substantial penalties for false or misleading or incomplete information. You will be sent a copy of your formal tax return which includes all amounts to be lodged. Therefore you should check this tax return thoroughly, and advise us immediately should any item be incorrect.

Print - always retain a copy of your submission to us.

Submit - sends us your information immediately. The form can also be faxed or emailed to us, or if you have other information to send with it.