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tax return checklists
Use this checklist to ensure you include all items in your tax return, including deductions and offsets.
Provide details of all PAYG income earned from Australia.
  Item Provide from
Wages/Salaries PAYG Summaries
Allowances & Bonus PAYG Summaries
Government benefits Centrelink PAYG Summaries
Include all income earned from Australia or overseas (unless on a temporary visa).
Item Provide from
Interest Bank statements
Dividends Payment statements
Trust Distributions Payment statements
Foreign income Excludes temporary visa holders
Capital gains Asset sales & purchase documents
Business & ABN income Bank & payment records
Rental income Bank & payment records
Other income Any related documents
Costs need to be necessary, paid in that year, and verifiable by employers (if audited).
Receipts are required if total deductions exceed $300, some estimates allowed.
Item Basic Requirements
Cars All car details & expenses & km's travelled
Telephone Reasonable estimate of work related calls
Travel Business trips or between work locations
Uniform & Clothing Compulsory or Protective or Occupation-specific
Laundry Estimate of weekly laundry up to 150 per year
Self Education Courses in relation to your existing job
Protective items Items protecting from job injury or illness
Subscriptions Occupation associations, unions & registrations
Publications Occupation related journals, books & periodicals
Seminars In respect of your current employment
Overtime Meals If paid an allowance as income
Tools & Equipment Provide a break-up of each item
Equipment > $300 Date purchased & details & personal use %
Home office Separate room & required by employer
Other work costs Provide details of other costs to consider
These are non-employment costs in respect of your taxable income. Examples;
Item Examples
Tax Returns Tax Agent fees paid during the past year
Investment costs Interest and financial expenses
Donations To approved charities & clubs
Insurance Income protection
Note - Offsets may depend on your residency status.
Item Basic Requirements
Low income offset Subject to income thresholds & tax residency
Remote Zone tax offset Provide the days living in remote areas
Dependants offsets Dependants Children/Spouse/Parent/Housekeeper
Seniors offsets Seniors & Mature Age Worker offsets
Medical Expenses offset Net expenses over $1500, including dental
Entrepeneurs Tax Offset We will apply this to low business & ABN income
Education Tax Refund Details of all education receipts for children
Private Health Rebate Provider statement shows refundable amount
Superannuation Personal payments made for you or spouse
Medicare Levy Will be calculated from other info
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